SAP Integration

By integrating archiving and document management scenarios into the SAP software solution, organizations will benefit from end-to-end processes, rapid access to the documents associated with the business transaction, and a unified user experience.

Integrating ECM with SAP

ECU has also become an important topic in the SAP environment. Depending on the origins of data and document archiving via SAP ArchiveLink - which was developed in 1992 by SAP and IXOS - SAP has also further expanded its ECM product range.

For the user, the introduction of document archiving is the first step towards document management in the SAP context and thus in the environment of his business processes and transactions or bookings.

The deep integration of documents into the transaction-oriented world of SAP, as well as the comprehensive ERP and CRM offerings were milestones in the field of document management. For the first time, documents were able to be linked to documents (booking records) via a product, and displayed again within the SAP user interface. In addition, the underlying interface was generically designed so that different archiving systems could be certified for it.

Perfectly integrated processes in SAP

Invoice auditing

Automated acquisition, checking and booking

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Extended ECM

The bridge building between SAP and DMS/ECM

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Long-term storage of documents

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Inbox mail processing

Manual and automated preparation and processing of information

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Digital personnel file

Centralized management of all applicants and personnel data in a single location

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Supported SAP software

SAP supports the document integration into various SAP products. From the classic document storage in ERP, CRM or SRM systems via ECM interfaces in NetWeaver-based applications, all the way up to S/4, SuccessFactors, Hybris or C4C.

Document integration is possible both on premise and in the cloud.

With the introduction of SAP NetWeaver and the new possibilities for document management within SAP with new document models and the Knowledge Provider (KPro), SAP has separated the former SAP basis more consistently from the SAP modules (FI/CO, MM, SD, PM, etc.) and in particular from the industry solutions. This means that the functions are generally available, including new solutions such as SAP SRM.

The document management functionality is also available for the SAP-HANA product world including S/4 HANA and the HANA Enterprise Cloud (HEC), as well as for other new SAP applications such as SuccessFactors, Hybris, Ariba and C4C.

Based on this technology, comprehensive document management functionalities can now be seamlessly integrated into SAP applications.

Flyer SAP&Documents

ECM - individually designed for your company

In our flyer you can find out how you can integrate partner solutions into your SAP system to efficiently map document-centric processes with all the associated functionalities. According to the individual requirements and circumstances of your company, we will develop the appropriate ECM strategy for you.


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